Good taste in music

The family is listening to music on YouTube while cleaning Des’s room on a Saturday afternoon.

Des sings along with a Beatles classic: “Hey, dude!…”

Later, Des walks up to the computer and a minute later “Is This Love?” starts playing. The parents are impressed:

– Wow, Des! How did you find it?

– I just typed in the name.

In the YouTube search box, the parents find “pop marly”. And it worked!


Courtesy Call

Minutes after leaving Des at the grandparents’, Mari, Nik and Olivia are driving home. Nik’s phone rings.

Des: I wanted to tell you that you forgot the potato chips here.

Nik: Awww. Desu, thank you for letting us know! Well, I guess, you can just eat them, then.

Des (chewing): I already am!

Thanks for calling?

Mystery vegetable

Des: Nik, I have a vegetable behind my back. It starts with an ‘a’.

Nik: … Apple?

Des: No.

Nik: Asparagus?

Des: No.

Nik tests a few other fruit and vegetables, in English and Estonian, and finally gives up.

Des (triumphantly): Anion!

…and holds up a small bag of garlic.